How long does it take to prepare for the Part 107 test?

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Our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course contains just over ten hours of video, but that doesn't mean that your preparation will only take ten hours.

That also doesn't mean that you can finish it all in one day - please don't!

Retention methods

In order to properly absorb the material - for retention and understanding, which is essential for passing the test - you should limit your sessions to about three hours a day and take breaks every hour.

You will not retain the information if you try to do much more than that each day or do it all in multi-hour sessions with no breaks.

On top of that, the course also contains quizzes and tests to further help your retention. The tests are prerequisites to continue in the course. You may also want to read the text after watching the videos.

So even though the course only contains ten hours of video, it may take you double that time to properly prepare for the test.

How do you know when you're ready?

There is one final practice test at the end of the course. The test bank contains close to 300 questions, and you'll be presented with 60 different questions each time you take it. And I encourage you to retake it multiple times to see these different questions.

You're ready if you consistently score in the 90's each time you take this test!

This won't be a problem with good study habits and taking the quizzes & tests seriously!

My recommendation

If you do need to cram and rush for whatever reason, I recommend doing no more than one chapter per day. Ensure the material has time to sink into your brain overnight before going to the next chapter. Then take the practice test a few times on the sixth day, scoring in the 90's multiple times.

You want to pass the test the first time, right? And get that Remote Pilot certificate? These methods are proven to work and will help you do that!

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