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Menu settings are grayed out/can't change them

I'm doing my best to update the courses to be more specific about when menu settings might be grayed out and how to fix them.

Unfortunately, I can't cover every single specific combination of settings that might make certain menu options inaccessible. There's a very complex "if/then" combination of settings that influence the others. The flowchart would be both impossible to create and impossible to read :)

However, there is a troubleshooting method for you to figure these out on your own, which is a good skill to have.

You can read this article, with an accompanying video, about troubleshooting grayed-out settings in Fujifilm cameras.

If you're still having problems, please send a picture of your camera's shooting display. Hopefully, there will be some clues on that, and we can figure it out together. It can be as simple as using your phone to take a picture of your LCD screen.