Test figures are too small - I can't read them!

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

The chart figures embedded within the tests are sometimes hard to read and they don't have a "zoom" feature within the test.

Open Image in new tab

Right-click or control-click on the test figure and select "Open Image in New Tab" (or something along those lines, depending on your system). The image will load in a new tab, often larger than displayed in the quiz. You can use your browser's zoom feature ("Ctrl =" on a PC or "Cmd =" on a Mac) to zoom in even further. Don't forget to reset the zoom with "Ctrl 0" (PC) or "Cmd 0" (Mac) when you're done.

Zoom your browser

You can also try to zoom your browser on the test question page without opening the image in a new tab. This may work for some test figures that are too small. Use the key combo "Ctrl =" on a PC or "Cmd =" on a Mac to zoom in and "Ctrl 0" (PC) or "Cmd 0" (Mac) to reset the zoom.

On a smartphone or tablet

Long-press on the figure and open it in a new tab. Use the two-finger pinch gesture to zoom in or out.

During your actual Remote Pilot Test

The test figures you'll have during the test will be in a paper booklet. They, too, can be difficult to read. Call your testing center to see if they have any magnifying glasses; you can use one on the test.

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